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16. October 2019
Internship in China

ETH Scholarship Program with Route2China

ETH and Route2China have been working together to provide Swiss students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in China. The chosen candidates have been selected by ETH […]
7. October 2019

Matching Credit Suisse with RootAnt

Our apprentice mobility programs just got more exciting! We are proud to match Credit Suisse with RootAnt, a giant bank in Switzerland with a new rising […]
24. June 2019
Where is China heading to?

Where is China heading to?

Where is China heading to? China with its long history of being the Middle Kingdom shielded from outside influences for more than thousands of years has […]
5. April 2019
Internship China

Go for an Internship to China on a train

An exciting Trans-Siberian journey from our marketing intern, Anja Lindenmann I went on an exciting trip to China. I discovered new culture, met new people, and […]
7. February 2019

A Move to Shanghai

Iwan visited Shanghai in September 2017 and knew instantly, that he wanted to move to this city and start a business. Route2China has helped him to […]
17. January 2019
Architecture Internship Shanghai

An Architect Intern in Shanghai for two months

Daniel enjoyed his stay in China very much, he made new professional as well as friendly relationship, he got to explore China, and even learnt some […]